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Free photoshop multicolor T-shirt template

Realistic Multicolor T-shirt PSD template PSD

Are you planning to design your own t-shirt print and you therefor need a free mock up T-shirt PSD template design? Download here at Bytedust a 100% royalty FREE high-resolution and multicolored Photoshop PSD t-shirt template.

This template contains 30 standard t-shirt colors; all isolated in one photoshop PSD file. Thirty different colors aren’t enough colors for you?! No worries! The colors of this t-shirt template are very easy to customize (adjust) by adding your own color.

How to add your own color? (1) Duplicate a random color layer from the PSD file. (2) Use the ‘color overlay’ function in the ‘blending option’ of that specific layer and pick your favorite color. So simple it is! Design tip: give your mock up design a few pix “Gaussian Blur” for an even more realistic effect.

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All vector stock illustrations or PSD templates are exclusively designed by Bytedust and free to download for non-commercial use. Bytedust is the sole copyright owner of all source material.

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  1. j


  2. T.U.N.D.E

    Thanks alot for this Dennis, they have really helped me.

  3. bytedust

    You’re very welcome TUNDE!

  4. webdeluxe

    Thanks, may come in handy some day!

  5. FLASK2012

    you are a nice website, may i pet you?

  6. LAM

    this site is very very sweet!

  7. Ida

    Uau! That’s what I’ve been looking for! Thank you so much!!!!

  8. June Rille

    this tshirt will help me alot in preparing for tshirt printing thanks ur so kind and i really appreciate it

  9. Shock

    Hi there,

    Just what I have been looking for, is it possible to share with us the back side of t-shirt template and the arm side as well ? I would be more than appreciative.

  10. Bytedust

    @Shock, I only have the front view available of this t-shirt template.

  11. Shock

    Bytedust, Thanks for your reply. do you know where I can find a front, back and side view template. What type of templates do you have that has the feature front, back and side?

  12. Bytedust

    Shock, sorry I don’t have a front, back and side view t-shirt template available. I might make one in the nearby future. For now you can try online vector or image stock centers as iStockphoto, Shutterstock or Dreamstime. For these stock files you have to pay for though… good luck!

  13. fiarchan

    i;m very helpful with FREE PSD t-shirt template because i need it for design my own t-shirt.
    thank you Bytedust

  14. minoo

    thx very much…. :D

  15. mykel

    Man this is a treasure! thanks!

  16. Johnny

    I downloaded the t shirt template but I’m having trouble opening it. Can ssomeone help?

  17. bytedust

    Where have you troubles with? With opening the zip file or opening the graphic PSD file within the zip? You need a program to unpack the zip file (e.g. http://www.7-zip.org or winzip.

  18. Johnny

    so once I download the 7-zip file it will allow me to open the actual PSD graphics without any special program?

    Thanks 4 your help!!

  19. bytedust

    Johnny, 7-zip is just for unpacking the downloaded ZIP file. You need Adobe Photoshop to open the PSD file. You may get a trail version of Photoshop on the Adobe website.

  20. Prasin

    Nice.. I love this one.. Thanks for sharing..

  21. Doug

    I like the service and the app! Thanks!
    Keep up the good work

  22. kinny

    thank you it helps me alot! :)

  23. robert

    Thank you! You save my life :)

  24. bytedust

    I’m glad it was useful :D

  25. Alexavia

    Nice shirts …Excelent worck

  26. khaliz

    how to download..i can’t see the button for download this?help me!!

  27. bytedust


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